Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mexico: No pants day and sticking it to piety.


Mexicans  have joined the annual international "No pants day" event where people go about their day with no pants or skirts with the intention of challenging social convention. It seems the event is a little too much for some on the subway as they try too hard not to look. Mexico is course a country with a majority of conservative Catholics in the population.
If an idea whose time has come is the most powerful force, this event is another sign that giving religious convention the flick is certainly amping up.

French Kiss Off

French president Francois Hollande plans to make marriage equality and adoption by same sex couples legal in France. But that didn't stop right-wings marching on the Eiffel Tower claiming "This law is going to lead to a change of civilization that we don't want,". It almost sounds they are channelling Kirk Cameron. Luckily it seems most French people are better and and smarter that this. But it worrying that bigot religious authority is chipping away at what was a 65% approval for the measure and have reduced it to 52%.  It seems a little odd, France has had Civil Unions for six years now, Other countries have had CUs for a longer and nothing appears to have changed. The rich are still rorting the system the poor are still poor and not a single forehead has moved in Hollywood.


Four women were arrested after protesting topless with "In gay we trust" drawn on their backs and carrying banners reading "Shut up" as the Pope spoke against marriage-equality from a window open to St Peter's Square. There goes a moment to be proud of, showing the courage to break social convention for equality of a maligned minority even if it is in self defence. Their message is an important one for the "m(%^#$f&#**^% power-hungry, self-aggrandised bigot in the stupid f&#**^% hat" to give his attention. It is also peculiar that he and his advising cardinals have so much to say about marriage given the little collective experience they have of it. No one is forcing the Catholic authority or that of any other religious organisation to participate in the celebration of same-sex weddings. Really, the only part of Marriage Equality that is bad for religious authority how much they look out of touch with social norms or put another way look like dicks for refusing to celebrate the joy of love between adults with justifications no better than "they got cooties".


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