Thursday, 31 January 2013

Grown ups in Parliament, who knew?

After prime-minister John Key's state of the nation speach, Miteria Turei rips National performance a new one. Miteria, please don't hold back, tell us what you really think of him...

John Key and the National government are typical of neo-liberal ideologs, they do nothing to address poverty, environmental degradation or housing affordability in any significant way because they paid not to by wealthy backers who fund their election campaigns. It seems they seek power for power's sake, not to serve the needs of the country. The based on performance relative to other OECD countries this government has earned a D. This is not a good look for a former straight A nation once hailed as the best country to raise children, Seriously we are as bad as Texas since Rick Perry gutted child services to reign in a US$25b deficit he created with massive tax breaks to Big Oil.
The only small mercy we have is that unlike Rick Perry, John Key isn't attempting to to end the dry spell we're having by cramming Eden Park with bible believing Aucklanders to pray for rain.
Since secularism is so strong in this nation the government has chosen a different strategy for destroying education handing over the education payroll to some clowns from across the Tasman. A direct attack on the curriculum like that in Texas would not get off the ground, and the National Standards were dangerous enough and advanced the test for failure agenda.
John Key may not be as daft as Rick Perry, but that will have something to do with his education in New Zealand not Texas.

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