Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Christianizing Textbooks in America

The most dangerous people in America, and they didn't fire a single shot or strap fertilizer to their chests.
Don McElroy and his posey on Texas State Board of Education in 2011 rewrote the science, history and social studies curricula to fit their conservation christian nationalist agenda.
Edits include lying about the founders intent concerning the separation clause of constitution which prevents government and religion from corrupting each other.
Replacing lessons about Thomas Jefferson with lessons on Catholic monk Thomas Aquinas.
They also sought to wreck, even further than it already is, the teaching of evolutionary science.
They would have children taught, that dinosaurs, some the lenght of 3 School busses were on Noah's Ark not as religious doctrine, but as fact.

As Satirist Stephen Colbert obeserved "Reality has a well known liberal bias".

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