Thursday, 10 January 2013

Is Alex Jones off his rocker?

In any talk show, you expect to see some semblance if intelligent respectful if spirited debate. Alex lets see how you rise to the challenge of participating in an eloquent and thoughtful exchange of views.

Well that seems to be a bit of a bust.  Nevermind, Alex, let's see if you can have do better on a second attempt...
Well that doesn't appear to have gone at all well. Now that the pressure is off, Alex, how was your experience at CNN in New York?
Tell us, Alex is there a history of mental illness in your family? Bi-Polar disorder with paranoid tendencies perhaps.
Please answer the question, Alex. We are trying to help you here.

Operator "911, What is your emergency?"
Doctor "Please send and Ambulance to XXXXXXXXXX, Texas. I have a patient here in the middle of a paranoid psychotic break. The patient has admitted to ownung over 50 firearms so you should send sheriff’s department too. I have grave concern for his safety and the safety of the community is not admitted to care promptly. We could have a third Aurora on our hands."

A passing glance at Alex Jones' offerings suggests only a passing familiarity with reality, this joker is not to be taken seriously. It seems a good sized segment of his audience, listen to him the same way people listened to Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Wallace Greensade in The Goon Show. That is to say ludicrous is funny, even hilarious, and people like to laugh. Though there are some who subscribe to Sodahead  who have swallowed his line of thinking hook line and sinker. I've debated some of them. They cherry pick statistics, for example the brief spike in Australian gun violence shortly after the buy back of the late '90s which has since been followed by a lower rate of gun violence than before the Port Arthur massacre. Crime is going that may well have more to with environmental Lead levels than gun ownership.

Alex Jones, perhaps, is to political science what ufologists are to astronomy. Unbalanced and irrelevant.

Chalk board freak and FreedomWorks(Tea party) shill, Glen Beck has stated that he thinks Alex Jones is a conspiracy to make gun advocates look crazy. Yeah right, just like that La Pierre guy.

What do you think?

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