Thursday, 28 June 2012

28/6 Doctom Raids Illegal

The judge considering the warrants for and raids on The Dotcom Mansion on 20 Jan 2012 has decided that the warrants were too broad and that the seizures were excessive.
Police took and held property including artwork, that was relavant and irrelavant to the potential prosecution of the FBI case against Kim Dotcom. That Property has been ordered to be returned to Kim Dotcom. Cloned Hard-disks of Dotcom's computer systems, that were sent to the FBI have also been ordered to be returned to New Zealand.

Source 3news

This could kill the FBI case against Kim Dotcom, since the doctrine of "fruit of the poisonous tree" will mean that none of the evidence collected in raids, will be admissible in court, nor will anything the FBI  have found because of that evidence.

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