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30/6 Why Convservatives seem nuts and why their reign may be over for now.

At any given moment in modern history those in leadership are aged 40-60 years, If we look back to politics around the time when they were children we find they would have been exposed to rhetoric that if not directly regurgitated maintains the same emotional resonance on issues of the day. What I'm describing here applies to not only to those who enter political institutions but also voters, and not only those who the enter the institutions of piety but the laity too. So for the purposes of this article I refer to those in leadership as those who are in the generation that shapes political discourse from the top which are generally those age between 40-60 because these are the people who are in senior levels in the institutions of power.

People also tend to latch on to the first ideas that they are exposed to and combined with one of the most profound flaws in the way people develop their understanding of everything, confirmation bias. "Give me the child until he is seven and I'll give you the man" - St. Francis Xavier. This is because we tend to remember things that confirm the model of reality that we have constructed and discard contradictions - it is not a conscious act and if you mention it people will often deny it because they are not aware that is what they do. It is like blinking, we do it regularly and usually have no idea when it happens.

So how does this play out in reality? Lets start with what today's republicans learned as children about the world they lived in.

From the later 1940's and through the '50's we see children exposed to the political conversations on the radio, tv and conversation between and with parents about Communists in Korea, the Atomic age and the iron Curtain, Duck and Cover Civil defence drills and the cold war or the McCarthy-ist communist witch-hunts.

All this included anti-communist rhetoric that vilified not only communists but socialists too. These kids grew up exposed to the idea that those on the political left were godless evil zealots bent on persecution of God fearing people. This led to changing the national motto from "E pluribus unum" to "In God We Trust" and the addition of "under God" to the pledge of allegiance during the 1950's. Later neo-conservatives would claim that liberal values have failed and begin advance an agenda of advancing American interest in part though war and its galvanising effect on the population. At the moment we see some of this rhetoric being regurgitated yet again.

Along came the '60's, and those who were in the leadership years of their lives grew up during a time when political discourse included strong defences of left leaning political discourse. This meant that many in the electorate were conditioned by the discourse of their childhood to embrace the political left and voted Democratic. Giving JFK the chance to announce "We choose to go to the moon and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard.". The creation of NASA lifted the sights of people around the world and it lifted the US economy through innovation. Still the communist threat remained and the Cuba missile crisis. but for many there were huge questions about authority of the state, civil rights, sit-ins and Vietnam.

Then came the '70s and Nixon's generation who grew up during the great depression were pre-programmed to be concerned by government spending and high taxation. Because they were exposed to depression era discourse about high unemployment, high taxes including the 94% bracket brought in by Roosevelt to pay for job creation. And they talked about lazy ass dope smokers bums then too. This led Nixon to cut funding form the Apollo program. The campaign to cut Apollo started in the churches who were concerned the exercise of reason and really cool science encouraging people to think for themselves, and with that they were abandoning the false promises and exaggerated claims of the church.
Roll-on the '80's, and the leadership grew up during the '30s and '40s this time was characterised by the more depression era rhetoric, rise of fascism in Germany and Japan's war in the pacific. Their was also widespread debate of eugenics - which led to practices which did not stop in the US until the '70s. This was Ronald Reagan's generation.

Moving on to the '90s the leadership grew up in post-war '40s and '50s, A time of high unemployment as troops came home and looked for work in a economy that had many jobs filled by women. It this was an economy shaped by Roosevelt and Keynes. The GI Bill allowed many returned service men to train study in technical and industrial fields which led to the industrial boom of the 50's and 60's. With the end of WW II came great optimism. This was Bill Clinton's generation.

In the '00s the leadership grew up during the later '50s to '60s. The cold war was in full swing. The 50s saw a "march of communism" in the Korean war and the "police action" to keep the communist Chinese out of Korea ending in a standstill and the creation of North Korea, the Cuba missile crisis. Later there was Vietnam. This was GW Bush's generation. Since the Soviet threat had evaporated during Reagan's term Not having an Evil Empire was a bit inconvenient, but some radical muslim funda mentalists unwittingly came to the rescue by flying planes into buildings, add some propaganda and you have yourself a whole new demon to fight, problem solved. CIA did their best to say”Hey Prez, check out these bad ass assholes. We strongly recommend that you let us stop them” only to get blown off by President Potatohead who couldn't understand why they were so excited and went on holiday for the month prior to the attacks.

In the '10s the leadership grew-up during the later '60s and '70s. At time when there was reason to question government over it handling of Vietnam, optimism over the growing economy and NASA's struggle and triumph for Kennedy's dream. Nixon Presidency ends in impeachment for Watergate. And we have Democrats in the Whitehouse for now. In part because Democrats achieved impressive technological, economic and economic progress to the children of the day and now the they want an recognise the need for it in this time. This is Barack Obama's Generation.

In the '20s we may expect to see leadership from a generation that grew up in the '70 and '80s a generation that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, a time of great hope and freedom. Also the Iran-Iraq war and the Iran-Contra scandal in which the Reagan and Oliver North were caught Gun running in south America in an attend to raise funds to buy the freedom of US Citizens held captive by Iran.
In the '30s the leadership grew up in the '80's and '90's, seeing iran-contra play out in the media. The Afghan war comes to an end, Bill Clinton Brings peace to the middle east.

Today 24% of Americans under 30 have no belief in the god of the bible. As this group enters the age of leadership starting around 2025. combined with the optimistic views of those raise during the '80s means the death grip the far right have in American politics will be weakened as people sharing conservative views are replaced in the population by people who have developed strongly secular views and values. But even more quickly than that the internet is making it possible for fast change of the public dialectic because people can use search engines to explore the validity of rhetoric in the modern public debate. Lies are detected much quicker by more people. The republican performance in truth telling or even delivering rhetoric that does not come off as insane to many Americans is losing them power in the public sphere.
Perhaps because of the natural swing in the political mood of the nation and the increasingly apparent desperation in Republican rhetoric, the Republicans have chosen to try short circuit this natural dynamic with corporate money and voter suppression. Even going so far as to publicly admit that voter id laws are for the purpose of improving Mitt Romney's chances in November. It seems Republican strategy if you have no ideas - cheat.
Also evidence of their desperation is the paragraph in the Texas Republican Platform that is set to reject critical think and up hold fixed beliefs.
Those in the coming demographic of leadership embrace science critical thought, and question absolute authority. So for the next little while there is hope.
Before I finish, would should be done about the kids who are going to be taught that the Loch Ness Monster disproves Biological Evolution?

30/6 Tx GOP: New Anti thought platform

I wish this was satire, but even TYT titled this story including the words "not from the onion"

Of ten principle things start of kind tame

1. Strict adherence to the original intent of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. and Teas Constitutions.
So far so good.
2. The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death.
Ahem, here we run a fowl of the first amendment of the US Constitution. With the freedom from religion enshrined in the word "free exercise thereof" and "No law respecting".
3. Preserving American and Texas Sovereignty and Freedom.
Fair enough
4. Limiting government power to those items enumerated in the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.
5. Personal Accountability and Responsibility.
Par for the course, the Republicans could do with some of that. Who is responsible for gutting assistance programs after all (especially Texas CPS)?
6. Self-sufficient families, founded on the traditional marriage of a natural man and a natural woman.
So they talking about polygamy with options to shag the help?
7. Having an educated population, with parents having the freedom of choice for the education of their children.
How to think or what to think?
8. Americans having the right to be safe in their homes, on their streets, and in their communities,and the unalienable right to defend themselves.
Most of this is OK, but anyone noticed the close ties to the militant organisation known as the NRA?
9. A free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies.
If you have been following Occupy you know this one has problems. Adam Smith invent Capitalism and was convinced that banks need tough regulations. The last ten years have done nothing but confirm his opinion.
10. Honoring all of those that serve and protect our freedom.
Er, yeah all the praise in the world, but inadequate services to health to the fractured minds injured in service.
11. “The laws of nature and nature’s God” as our Founding Fathers believed.
So, now they are deists?

Let's have a look at the really offensive stuff here:
Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.
You get thoughtful adults by training kids to be thoughtful. How are these kids going to be competitive at anything other than flipping burgers and sharpening pencil?
Secular families have been teaching critical thought to there children without too much hassle.
Basic Standards – We favour improving the quality of education for all students, including those with special needs. We support a return to the traditional basics of reading,  Writing, arithmetic, and citizenship with sufficient discipline to ensure learning and quality educational assessment.
This has never worked, Perhaps they should look at what Finland are doing or even New Zealand who ranks fourth is the OECD. Its got to be better than 49th out of 50 states.
Immunizations ― All adult citizens should have the legal right to conscientiously choose which vaccines are administered to themselves or their minor children without penalty for refusing a vaccine. We oppose any effort by any authority to mandate such vaccines or any medical database that would contain personal records of citizens without their consent.
Congratulations to the pro-Rheumatic Fever, pro-Measles, pro-Mumps, pro-Reubela party. For advancing the ease of the commuicable disease to attack torture and stultify and sterilize children.
Food Choice ― We support the right of individuals to make their own dietary decisions. We oppose any laws regarding the production, distribution or consumption of food. Government should not restrict non-genetically engineered seeds.
Defending the God given right to 4 gallon sodas and 10lb fried chicken buckets, and to ride guernseys on fork lifts in and out of the house.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) ― We demand the immediate repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which we believe to be unconstitutional.
Despite the fact that 80% of the nation like coverage of pre-existing conditions and now the Supreme court has ruled all but the provision for federal ability to disestablish State Medicaid funds are constitutional.
Limited Federal Powers –We strongly support state sovereignty reserved under the Tenth Amendment and oppose mandates beyond the scope of federal authority, as defined in the U.S. Constitution. We further support abolition of federal agencies involved in activities not originally delegated to the federal government under a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
This one will be very handy for allowing Texas to legislate prejudice and misogony.
Border Security – The U.S. Border must be secured immediately! It is the fundamental responsibility of our federal government to do so. Narcotics, arms and human trafficking have a devastating effect on our nation. By using every available resource to achieve 100% border security and control, it will enhance the protection
of all Americans, especially border residents. The State of Texas has the rights to protect their citizens, businesses and ranches if the Federal Government fails to enforce their applicable laws.
No border will ever be 100% secure, unless a nation can committed infinite resource to security. Simply builds a hermetic dome. While more practical to implement the second options will kill all exports and imports.
Constitutional Convention - We strongly oppose any constitutional convention to rewrite the United States Constitution. We encourage the Legislature to rescind its 1977 call for such a convention. We call uponother states to rescind their votes for such a convention.
This is in contradiction to the intent of the founding Fathers, who expected the consitution to be completely rewritten every 14 years or so.
Affirmative Action - Inasmuch as the Civil Rights Movement argued against using race as a factor in American life, affirmative action reintroduces race as a divisive force in American life. The Republican Party of Texas believes in equal opportunity for all citizens without regard to race or gender. To that end, we oppose affirmative action.
Sounds great, AFTER after you have removed the need for affirmative action.
Free Speech for the Clergy - We urge amendment of the Internal Revenue Code to allow a religious organization to address issues without fear of losing its tax-exempt status. We call for repeal of requirements that religious organizations send the government any personal information about their contributors.
Mr Jefferson build up that wall! Religion has not place in government just as government has no place in religion. How can men not given the advantages of 300 years of Science, social change be so much smarter than the authors of this Republican platform.

Unions - We support legislation requiring labor unions to obtain consent of the union member before that
member’s dues can be used for political purposes. We strongly oppose card check.
This is designed disenfranchise working americans by creating more red tape for their represention jump through in order to be effective.
Voter Registration - We support restoring integrity to the voter registration rolls and reducing voter fraud. We support repeal of all Motor Voter laws; re-registering voters every four years; requiring photo ID of all registrants; proof of residency and citizenship, along with voter registration application; retention of the 30- day registration deadline; and requiring that a list of certified deaths be provided to the election administrator in order that the names of deceased voters be removed from the list of registered voters.
Voter Fraud is not a problem - this is a thinly veiled attempt to prevent voters like to Democrat from being represented in the polls. It targets first time voters, black and low income voters, and the elderly.
Voting Rights - We support equal suffrage for all U.S. Citizens of voting age who are not felons. We oppose any identification of citizens by race, origin, or creed and oppose use of any such identification for
purposes of creating voting districts.
They done the math, they gain more voters not allowing prisoners vote even though the majority of prison votes republican.
Filibuster – We support return to the traditional Filibuster in the U.S. Senate.
The filibuster is broken because Republicans broke it!
Family and Defense of Marriage ― We support the definition of marriage as a God-ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and a natural woman, which is the foundational unit of a healthy society, and we oppose the assault on marriage by judicial activists. We call on the President and Congress to take immediate action to defend the sanctity of marriage. We are resolute that Congress exercise authority under the United States Constitution, and pass legislation withholding jurisdiction from the Federal Courts in cases involving family law, especially any changes in the definition of marriage. We further call on Congress to pass and the state legislatures to ratify a marriage amendment declaring that marriage in the United States shall consist of and be recognized only as the union of a natural man and a natural woman. Neither the United States nor any state shall recognize or grant to any unmarried person the legal rights or status of a spouse. We oppose the recognition of and granting of benefits to people who represent themselves as domestic partners without being legally married. We advocate the repeal of laws that place an unfair tax burden on families. We call upon Congress to completely remove the marriage penalty in the tax code, whereby a married couple receives a smaller standard deduction than their unmarried counterparts living together. The primary family unit consists of those related by blood, heterosexual marriage, or adoption. The family is responsible for its own welfare, education, moral training, conduct, and property.
Ahem Seperation clause of the US constitution is being clobbered and ignored whole it lies bleeding in the corner on this one. By "traditional marriage" they mean a model of marriage that is only about 500 years old. They've also ignore the 9th century Christian practice of same sex union. Government can only deal with secular aspects marriage. This is section is out right pandering to the Fundamentalist Christian Conservative.
Homosexuality ― We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle, in public policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin. Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction or belief in traditional values.
Again the much loved separation clause of the first amendment is having a baseball bat shoved where the sun don't shine.  While this slimy piece cr*p mentions "special legal provisions", but the LGBT are NOT asking for special provisions, they are asking provisions enjoyed by the majority of Americans to be extended to them too, regardless of opinions formed in a society that celebrated ritual sacrifice, even human sacrifice, and had no problem with polygamy and slavery.
Pornography ― We encourage the enforcement of laws regarding all forms of pornography, because pornography is detrimental to the fabric of society.
Porn of, by and for consenting adults isn't quite problem Republicans think it is. Since the explosion of the regulated porn industry sexual crime has reduced. This may hurt Republicans, because the reddest states are the largest consumers of adult entertainment.
Right To Life - All innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from fertilization to natural death; therefore, the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. We affirm our support for a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution and to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children. We support the Life at Conception Act. We oppose the use of public revenues and/or facilities for abortion or abortion-related services. We support the elimination of public funding for organizations that advocate or support abortion. We are resolute regarding the reversal of Roe v. Wade. We affirm our support for the appointment and election of judges at all levels of the judiciary who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life. We insist that the U.S. Department of Justice needs to prosecute hospitals or abortion clinics for committing induced labor (live birth) abortion. We are opposed to genocide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. We oppose legislation allowing the withholding of nutrition and hydration to the terminally ill or handicapped. Until our final goal of total Constitutional rights for the unborn child is achieved, we beseech the Texas Legislature in consideration of our state's rights, to enactlaws that restrict and regulate abortion including:
1. parental and informed consent;

2. prohibition of abortion for gender selection;
3. prohibition of abortion due to the results of genetic diagnosis
4. licensing, liability, and malpractice insurance for abortionists and abortion facilities;
5. prohibition of financial kickbacks for abortion referrals;
6. prohibition of partial birth and late term abortions; and
7. enactment of any other laws which will advance the right to life for unborn children.
This is the only situation in which the rights of the parasite are to overrule the rights of host. Even when host has responsibilities to family. A woman right to choose should be paramount here.
Parental Consent - We call on the Legislature to require parental consent for any form of medical care and/or counseling to minors. We urge electoral defeat of judges who through judicial activism seek to nullify the Parental Consent Law by granting bypasses to minor girls seeking abortions. We support the addition of a legislative requirement for the reporting of judicial bypasses to parental consent on an annual basis to the Department of State Health Services and such reports shall be made available to the public. Further, we encourage the Congress to remove confidentiality mandates for minors from family planning service programs operating under Title X of the Public Health Services Act and Medicaid.
Texas, already first in repeat teen pregancies, now working elevating death from unsafe DIY and back-street abortion practises which led to the inclusion of abortion services in public health practise around the world.
Stem Cell Research - We oppose any legislation that would allow for the creation and/or killing of human embryos for medical research. We encourage stem cell research using cells from umbilical cords, from adults, and from any other means which does not kill human embryos. We oppose any state funding of research that destroys/kills human embryos. We encourage the adoption of existing embryos. We call for legislation to withhold state and/or federal funding from institutions that engage in scientific research involving the killing of human embryos or human cloning.
It's GOO! It would not suffer the slightest inconvenience if it were dropped into a blender.
Welfare Reform ― Welfare should offer a hand up to transition families and individuals through hard times and welfare reform should encourage partnerships with faith based institutions, community and business organizations to assist individuals in need. The current system encourages dependency on government and robs individuals and generations of healthy motivation and self-respect. It should be limited in scope. We encourage welfare reform in the following areas:
1. Denying benefits to individuals who cannot prove citizenship;
2. Welfare reforms should require recipients to work, learn, and train;
3. Reforms should require recipients to remain substance abuse free in exchange for temporary benefits not exceeding two years.
4. Recipients should be required to submit to random drug testing in order to receive benefits;
5. Welfare cards should be confined to food and vital essentials, not cigarettes, lottery purchases, or alcohol or drugs of any kind;
6. Prisoners should be removed from welfare rolls; and
7. A nominal co-pay should be required to encourage judicious utilization of health care services
Workfare is a failure; Civil liberties under attack probable cause should be the standard for drug testing. "Drugs of any kind" Because antibiotics are such luxuries that no welfare recipient has any business using welfare money to stop that strep infection eating into their brain.
Foster Care ― We support eliminating bureaucratic prohibitions on corporal discipline and home schooling in
foster homes.
Start reaching for the plumbing supply line and baseball bats folks!
Health Care ― Health care decisions should be between a patient and health care professional and should be protected from government intrusion.
Except for if you're a woman, with a pregnancy that may kill you and you can't afford if it doesn't.
Classroom Discipline –We recommend that local school boards and classroom teachers be given more authority to deal with disciplinary problems. Corporal punishment is effective and legal in Texas.
Yes we Republicans love our plumbling supply line and baseball bats.
Sex Education – We recognize parental responsibility and authority regarding sex education. We believe that parents must be given an opportunity to review the material prior to giving their consent. We oppose any sex education other than abstinence until marriage.
With Texas in the lead of unwanted repeat teen pregnancy in the nation and unwanted teen pregnancies are rate not seen in any developed country that universally teaches safe sex this paragraph leave open the quest why don't Republicans understand that abstinence is not working. 
Private Education – We believe that parents and legal guardians may choose to educate their children in private schools to include, but not limited to, home schools and parochial schools without government interference, through definition, regulation, accreditation, licensing, or testing.
Look Out! Nessie is coming to biology lessons near YOU. Just like Lousiana. Come on guys you are already 49th in education do you really have to work this hard at stupidity? 
Textbook Review – Until such time as all texts are required to be approved by the SBOE, each ISD that uses non-SBOE approved instructional materials must verify them as factually and historically correct. Also the ISD board must hold a public hearing on such materials, protect citizen’s right of petition and require compliance with TEC and legislative intent. Local ISD boards must maintain the same standards as the SBOE.
Great at least some schools can ditch Of Pandas and People
U.S. Department of Education – Since education is not an enumerated power of the federal government, we believe the Department of Education (DOE) should be abolished.
It is so annoying having Washington reminding you that you are 49th in the union for education and doing everything conceivable to sink lower. Not long now you soon win the race to the bottom.
Religious Liberties Abroad – We urge Congress to sanction any foreign government that persecutes its citizens
for their religion.
Hey boys don't forget lack of religion, Folks like Alex Aan(Indonesia) could do with your help too.
Addictive Behaviors – We encourage state and federal governments to severely prosecute illegal dealers and manufacturers of addictive substances and pornography. We urge Congress to discourage import of such substances into our country. Faith based rehabilitation programs should be emphasized. We oppose legalization of illicit drugs. We support an effective abstinence-based educational program for children. We oppose any “needle exchange” program. We urge vigorous enforcement of our DUI laws.
Where do I start, the first sentence criminalises the adult entertainment industry. That war on drugs, hows that working for ya. Haha "effective abstinance-based education" Follow me closely here it's an oxymoron like smart stupidity. Anti-Needle exchange, wow that's cool the addicts can have hepatitis and HIV too - the gifts just keep coming.
Fiscal Responsibility – We urge state and federal legislators to reduce spending. We also support a “cap” on government spending at all levels, with adjustments limited to the effects of inflation and population change.
Of course this would not be so tough if you weren't subsidising the most profitable white market industry while they crap in your water tables. or poison the Golf of Mexico coast line.
Zero Based Budgeting – We urge the use of zero based budgeting policy at all levels of government. We are opposed to base line budgeting.
Check how that's working for greece.
Funding Special Interest Organizations – We oppose any government support of special interest organizations, such as ACORN and the ACLU.
How about the NRA? Of course the right wing nut agenda is transparent in the highlighting of these two organisations. It just so un-america to care for the poor or have an NGO capable of criticising Conservative policy.
Faith-Based Charities – We oppose any restrictions by any government agency on taxpayer contributions to churches and faith-based charities.
That first amendment establishment clause is so pesky.
Capital Gains Tax – We favor abolishing the capital gains tax.
Obvious hand out to GOPs rich friends.
Federal Tax Reform – We recommend repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, with the goal of abolishing the I.R.S and replacing it with a national sales tax collected by the States. In the interim we urge the income tax be changed to a flatter, broader, lower tax with only minimal exemptions such as home mortgage interest deductions.
This smells like conditioning for a mass secession of states from the union.


This rag read like and assault on civil rights and liberties. It and attack on the poor and it does nothing to improve immediate or long term economic prospects or even to prepare the next generation to participate in solving the challenges they will face in their time.

Source Texas Republican Agenda 2012 (pdf)

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29/6 Louisiana new school texts: "Nessie refutes Evolution"?!

The Louisiana State Legislature and Governor Bobby Jindal, has passed a law allowing books to be purchased. The bad news is, these books teach to a Christian nationalist agenda, and the state will divert education funds of around $1m to this ridiculous propagandist indoctrination including racism bigotry and pseudo-science in private schools.

Some of the highlights of texts include:
  • Nessie is a dinosaur that survived the Yucatan asteroid strike so evolution is dis-proven.
  • African literacy is at 10% because Communists shut down missionary schools.
  • Stellar fusion is a myth.
  • The KKK, were moral crusaders. Slavery in Christian America gave slaves true freedom ( from "the bondage of sin")
  • The Great Depression was an exaggerated by liberal socialists.
  • The final battle "Armageddon" will happen in the middle East when Jesus come back to set up his kingdom on Earth,

Lets take a look at wrong with this picture


Nessie is largely thought to be myth and hoax. Though there are blurred photos and sonar scans none clearly show what is being observed. Though one photo bears a striking resemblance to a swimmers arm held out of the water.

African Illiteracy

If you haven't heard of this before that's probably because it didn't happen(much). With African countries suffering from war ethnic or religious violence. Education becomes a secondary priority to avoid being shot or hacked to death. Education needs stability in the society in which it operates.

Stellar Fusion Myth Claim

The stellar fusion thing seems to come from tin foil hat territory. The was a hypothesis that Sol(our Sun) was burning coal. this ignores many clearly observable phenomenon that would be observable if were true.
  • After 10000 years, we would be in the dark from all the smoke and the light that reaches us would be redder. 
  • The moon would be blackened from soot. the Apollo program of course found no soot. 
  • When the moon crosses the face of sun in a total solar eclipse the smoke would be lit up and light reflected from the smoke would mean there would more illumination than we get from a full moon,
It also doesn't account for spectral analysis, light from burning coal has different component frequencies (colours) when compared to light from excited hydrogen. Or put another you never get sun burn from coal fire.

KKK Moral crusaders

Now the KKK bit has got to be revisionism at its worst. These good ol' boys were known for lynch black Americans for walking home while hiding behind bed sheets. I can't help but think of the lionization of Black shirts in 30's-40's Germany.

Depression Exaggeration

It is a matter of record that America had unemployment of around 22%. Leaving people hungry and soup kitchens a major feature American life.  The current economic downturn boasts a maximum unemployment rate of 10% (source Federal Bureau of statistics).


Finally, this piece of eschatology is one of those vague predictions that seem to be confirmed every other week. But considering how vague these prediction are it should be no surprise to anyone the they describe things that are relatively mundane and hyped beyond reason.
I predict that in the year after venus passes before the sun someone who is love by many will die of a disease of heart.
It sounds good, but of think back to news reports the question become was there ever a year in which a celebrity didn't have a fatal coronary event.

In Conclusion

Its one thing to suffer delusions, it is quite another to be teaching to children that your delusions are fact. The problem is with delusions those that hold them they don't know their delusions are false. I'm so glad people are working to remove the religious exception for delusion in Diagnostic Statistics Manual of psychiatry. I so hope they get this revision through.
What do you think?

29/6 US Supreme Court Obamacare IS Constituional

The Affordable Health Care act dubbed "ObamaCare" by Conservatives has been ruled constitutional (withe the exception of the termination of states' Medicaid funds) by the Supreme Court.

The Mandate provision sparked controversy because it appeared to violate the commerce clause. However the judgment likens the mandate to taxes which are constitutional. This will be good news for 8 out of 10 Americans

The 5 to 4 decision appears to be pro business and many will have a "take what you can get" attitude.

Source TYT on Youtube

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28/6 Doctom Raids Illegal

The judge considering the warrants for and raids on The Dotcom Mansion on 20 Jan 2012 has decided that the warrants were too broad and that the seizures were excessive.
Police took and held property including artwork, that was relavant and irrelavant to the potential prosecution of the FBI case against Kim Dotcom. That Property has been ordered to be returned to Kim Dotcom. Cloned Hard-disks of Dotcom's computer systems, that were sent to the FBI have also been ordered to be returned to New Zealand.

Source 3news

This could kill the FBI case against Kim Dotcom, since the doctrine of "fruit of the poisonous tree" will mean that none of the evidence collected in raids, will be admissible in court, nor will anything the FBI  have found because of that evidence.