Thursday, 10 May 2012

10/5 HIV+ 4yo banned from Kindy

Whangarei, New Zealand, A  kindergarten (preschool) has banned a 4 year old boy from attending because he is HIV positive even though there is next to no risk of transmission, because  medication has reduced hi viral load to below detectable levels.

Many are incredulous that the kindy has taken this action, after New Zealand welcomed Eve van Grafhorst, after she was kicked out of her Australian school because she was HIV positive. Eve is remembered for being plucky and joyful despite succumbing to HIV/AIDS at age 11. David Simpson, who worked at the Hastings school that accepted Eve says they made the effort to understand facts of HIV/AIDS.
Staff of the Whangarei kindy appear to be "wilfully ignorant" according to the AIDS Foundation.

The Whangarei kindy may be in breach of New Zealand's Human Rights Act. According to AIDs Foundation spokesperson Dawn O'Connor:
"There are… privacy issues with the distribution of this letter to all of the parents of the kindergarten, telling them about somebody else's very personal business – their medical details and in this case, their HIV status."
What do you think?


This story is meet with dismay, as well it should. We know enough about the HIV virus not to panic.   I have to ask, is the wilful ignorance born of religious belief?

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