Tuesday, 3 April 2012

3/4 Terrorism alive & well in USA

Molotov Cocktails and home made bombs are being used to commit terrorism with in the USA  and it has nothing to do with Islam.

Wisconsin. A home made bomb detonated at a Planned parenthood 7:30pm Local time April 1.
Offices of Democratic representative Wendy Davis(D- Tx) were firebombed few weeks ago.
Dr Tiller referred to by Fox New as "tiller the baby killer" was shot in church.
Since 1977, 59000 acts violence, 7 Murders, 343 death threats and 942 act of vandalism directed at abortion clinics and their staff accord to The Nation Organization of Women.

This comes at time where right legislation is being proposed and passed in record numbers. 1100 bill proposed in legislatures, 135 passed in 2011 chipping at womens reproductive rights. Compared enacted legislation previous years 89 in 2010, 77 in 2009, 34 in 2005 we are seeing and attack womens rights too many in Pakistan would consider something to be proud of.
Conservative Legislators are directly supporting domestic terrorism, by putting forward and passsing legislation to publish the names of abortion providers, and sometimes very detailed information about the women who use the service.

Yes, if you've missed it, I spell it out.  Terrorists and legislators are targeting those least likely to attack back - your sisters, aunts and mothers.

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