Saturday, 14 April 2012

14/4 Timbuktu(Mali) destroyed in islamic conversion

A ragtag mob of Muslim fanatics have taken over the town of Timbuktu in Mali( looting the hospital, banks, schools and government offices destroying their ability to operate. these rebels are demanding Sharia Law in Mali.

The hospital which had a staff of 40 doctors now see only two who still come in. However looting means they have little supplies to work with. and no equipment of any kind.

Looting in the banks, has seen all records destroyed. this has been devastating to local residents who have lost the jobs and there savings. Fanatics say they have closed the banks because the charge interest.

The town only power station has four generators, only one of which is operating and the company says the have only enough fuel to run for one month.

90% of public employees have left or stopped work leaving control to Zanda of Absa Alden.

Source Youtube (al jazeera)

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