Tuesday, 13 March 2012

13/3 On disliking a YT charity drive.

Who would "dislike" a YouTube video form a respected source promoting a large fund-raising effort against cancer.

It has only been up few hours and already has "dislikes". But exercising the satirical spirit Youtubers have identified the cause of the dislikes - tumours - yes cancer is fighting a culture war :)  Perhaps secularism and freethought is no longer as popular as it was during the framing of the constitution of the United States of America.
AronRa's granddaughter  was lost to leukemia last December, so this is certainly an important cause for him. Thanks to AronRa's efforts last year American children  are a little safer from being taught the impossible nonsense of Intelligent Design in the class room.
At least check the video and consider supporting the cause.
Beyond reason it is possible that some Christian members of the audience may imagine this charity drive an exercise in self aggrandizement.
Would it not better to see people do going things and applaud it, until evidence and reason suggest other wise? Tell me what you think.

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