Sunday, 18 March 2012

18/3 Seven Mountain Dominionists scheming against body-snatchers.

AtheismTV spotted this one a day or two ago, The conspiracy theory driving afforts to take over the Unite States government. Conspiracy theories taken as entertainment are the stuff of a cosy night on the couch with friends a bowl of popcorn and a dvd, a point lost on Patricia King and Randy DeMain
They endeavour to have Christianity take over the world, and believe that people who wear a suit and tie to work are evil. The seven mountains metaphorically refer to Business, Art, Entertainment, Science, Medicine, Government, Media. The Seven Mountain Dominionists aim to take control in each of these areas of American life

Any serious study of history reveals great risks to society of theocracy. The Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades. The logical outcome of dominionist doctrine, suggests a purge of scientist, politicians, journalists, writers, and entrepreneurs that come into conflict with Dominionist establishment.

Of course it would be ill considered to take the word of a single source, lets see what King and DeMan say themselves.
 They continue, and we discover how to spot a nephilim - MiB?!

And now, how Nephilim work. fantasy

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