Friday, 16 March 2012

16/3 More War on Women: Planned Parenthood, get rid of that - Romney.

The war on women continues with Mitt Romney vowing to end Planned Parenthood. A service that the primary health care provider for 60% of its 5 million clients.
"Planned Parenthood, gonna get rid of that." Why would he say that? Well it would give $300 million in tax cuts to 262 millionaires. Or is it revenge for not getting Planned Parenthood's endorsement 10 years ago.

Gingrich is gangrene
His campaign has failed to win enough delegates to have a theoretical chance at winning the nomination race.. Now the race is between the aloof snobby misogynistic predatory rich ass-hole from a crackpot church and the elitist snobby homophobic misogynistic theocratic racist from a paedophile church. Still not much of a choice is it.

Employers to get up in Arizona's women's business?
The senate Judiciary committee of Arizona has voted to endorse legislation to allow bosses to enquire of the purpose contraceptive prescription and allow termination of employment if the purpose violate employers morality. Republicans are walk into Orwell's 1984 totalitarian state with a smile in hope of junk cleaned up, but these showers have not water.


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