Sunday, 11 March 2012

11/3 Hey! Who turned out the lights?

If I can get this right this blog should highlight the real dangers to human welfare presented by individuals and groups who assert baseless claims for which adherents demand no evidence.  Along the way I would like to point in the direction of things that may improve human welfare.
Much of what we have done out of tradition or superstition may have had some function in our social or evolutionary past, but now many of these things are becoming an encumbrance and perhaps a direct treat to our survival.
There are times to be courageous, compassionate, cautious, and times to reach out across lines of national distinction, creed and other lines. People are more subtly alike than radically different. We live in a world that owes us no favors and with a puff of air, a swish of water or a settling of the ground wipes us away without a care. If we work together putting away our petty squabbles, we may not vanish so soon as we surely will by standing apart letting the phantasms so manufacture so creatively keep us apart.

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