Tuesday, 20 March 2012

20/3 Graphene just got better, again!

Carbon atoms in graphene structure
Researchers at Vanderbilt University have shown graphene how to stick to its knitting. Outside electrical interference has been a major problem for graphene, a problem that needed to be solved for electronics applications.

Graphene has promise in new generation batteries, hydrogen fuel storage, scratch resistant coating, invisible electrode for display devices, new type of photovoltaic cells.

Graphene, naturally occurs in graphite. graphene is a single one atom thick layer of graphite bonded weakly to adjacent layers, is why it leaves a black mark on paper when you drag a pencil across the surface as you grip the pencil.

Graphene has remarkable chemical properties, it lets water pass easily through, look out for new water filters. and it can contain very slippery helium.

Application for graphene may include new faster computing technology, anti scratch visual surfaces, structural strength building technology, fuel cell technology, high performance photovoltaic technology.

Source: Science Alert

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