Friday, 30 March 2012

30/3 Woman seeking medical with DVT left to die in jail

Anna Brown was removed from a hospital where seek sought help with severe. Doctor examiner her, claim that she if faking,  engaging in drug seeking behaviour, and fit for confinement in a local jail.

She was dragged from a wheel chair, dragged out of the police vehicle, and lifted to a cell.where she is left groaning. Fifteen minutes later food delivery staff find her cold and dead.

The background to this story is that a tornado destroyed her home and had to move with her two children, The trauma of the tornado appears to have disturbed her psychological equilibrium. She lost her job and could not cope eventually utilities are shut off. Authorities enlist Anna mother's help but insist they she can only have Anna children or Anna. This leaves Anna living in shelters. While trying to regain custody of her children, on multiple occasions she is tested for drug abuse each test comes back negative. Leaving Anna to ask why are you testing me?

Source: The Young Turks

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