Thursday, 29 March 2012

29/3 Iranian public executions highest in 10 years

According to the annual report of Iran's Human Rights been s 2011, Iran has executed 676 people. This is the highest number of executions in a single year report by Amnesty international in 11 years. There has also been a dramatic increase in public executions, three times higher than just two years ago. In 2010 there were 19 public executions, in 2011 there were 61 executions in public

Iranian authorities, worried the loss of support from even their most loyal base, are using the death penalty as a political tool and to rule by fear.

While the international applies pressure in a few cases form time to time, Iranian Authorities don't mind giving up a few executions because also long as the keep up the numbers there purpose is served.

Source: Amnesty International

This escalation may be an early of the iron fisted grip of the failure Iranian government. History is replete with failed regimes that squeezed tighter while the power of the people slipped through there fingers. Younger Iranians have been growing disenchanted with the death grip on power the ayatollahs  hold in Iranian politics.

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