Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28/3 Rush Limbaugh Advertiser: Email is the new Terrorism

Mark Stevens on Monday afternoon with Megan Kelly described emails criticizing MSCO's decision to stay with Rush Limbaugh radio after Limbaugh spent three days slut shaming Sandra Fluke after she testified before Democrat congressmen on medical applications of hormonal contraception.
"I think the word boycott puts a nice sugar coating over the fact that this really is internal American terrorism.  You don't have to strap on a suicide bombers belt to engage in terrorism. Terrorism comes from a term to invoke fear in people. Tehy'v called my people in my company, they've called the women in my company and told them that they're women haters -- the most horrible terms. They told me, there are tens of thousands of emails by the way, most of them positive. But the small group  they told us we are under surveillance. The email subject line says 'Citizen of the internet', 'police of the internet', 'mark you are in danger', 'you house is going to be shut up by busses', 'Your business is goining to be destroyed', 'your people are in trouble'. This is Terrorism, why don't we start calling it what it is?"
He presented no evidence of these emails.
When asked if these emails cause him some concern, he said "Absolutely no concern. Let them come. ... The country is at risk ... Bring on the busses." He rambles about not being cowed by these "hissy-fitters".

His charges are of course ridiculous hyperbole, if he had reason toexpect that buss load of terrorists were set to converge on his home. he'd be calling the FBI in a heart beat.

The first amendment guarantees free expression, and he has not demonstrated any instance of violent threats made. Given the invective nature of Rush Limbaugh's comments it would naive to expect no critical communications. The market naturally prefers to avoid connection abhorrent politics and suggest of delaterious effects on business maintaining contact with such views are a natural consequence, and to say that such things may happen is simply precautionary advice.

What do you think?

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