Thursday, 22 March 2012

21/3 Fox News Causes Suicide

Tracey Knauss reports on his face book page that his senior citizen mother, Haille, refused to seek medical attention after a fall. She made out her will and subsequently died. Her reasons were:
  • that she feared Obama-care getting her personal information;
  • she did not want to appear in front of one Fox's fictional Obama death panels;
  • she feared her money would go to the Muslim Brotherhood.
She did not invent these crazy fantasies on her own, they came from Fox News which she watched religiously.
This is the sought of result one would expect when a news agency totally abandons adherence to facts and balance.
This is not the first time Fox has been implicated the deaths. In 2009 George Tiller was described by Bill O'Reilly as "tiller the baby killer" in 28 shows, then Scott Reoder went into A Wichita Church and killed Tiller. In 2010, Glen Beck Trash talked Tides as a non-profit organization promoting progressivism being use to destroy America. Then Byron Williams was stopped for speeding on his way to San Fransisco with a truck full of guns and the intent to kill people at the ACLU office and then Tides. When stopped, Williams fired upon and wound two offiicers.
Human life is the cost of reckless reporting, To my mind Bill O'Rielly and Glenn Beck may be liable for incitement to violence.

What Do you think?

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