Tuesday, 20 March 2012

20/3 New York Police Breaking Bones and Smashing Heads

Commemorating six months of Occupy Wall Street, the New York movement organized large peaceful protests and were viciously attack by police officers in uniform.
Breaking ribs, thumbs, jaws, and slamming one mans head into a glass door.
Officers made 70 arrests in a public-private park in which protesters had legal right to enter.

Many of have seen the photo of Occupy protesters lined up while sitting on the ground while A police officer pepper sprays. Conservatives have labeled protesters as violent. But  for the most part this is not supported.  People under attack sometimes retaliate, while under physical assault even by police peaceful people can lose their shit, In the midst of such attackers authority barely factors in the decision making capacity of the assailed. Which leads me to retort to conservatives that Occupy protesters are so violent they sit there and take it.
I don't condone violence I have not yet seen occupiers doing much more than passive resistance. Thus they maintain the moral high ground while police officers humiliate and embarrass themselves and their departments.

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